Young guardians

Young guardians
Young guardians

In only six months, from April to October 2011, the Young Guardians presented our fight for clean water in a total of 9 countries.
And this is only the beginning ...

Young Guardians Slovenia & China in Slovenia, 02th December 2013 

IT'S TIME TO WRITE HISTORY. We are so happy that Ajda's friends, whom she met on YOUTH IN ACTION 2013 in Beijing, came to Slovenia as debaters to the International Debate Academy Slovenia. We used their free time to organize the first-ever meeting of the Young Guardians from Slovenia and China. It was hosted by BRDO PROTOCOL SERVICES of the Republic of Slovenia in the modern convention centre on the beautiful estate Brdo pri Kranju.

Building bridges between Slovenia and China

The friendly co-operation between the youth from Slovenia nad China (one of the smallest - and the biggest nation in the world) in the nicest possible way demonstrates the philosophy and commitment of Guardians of Universe: 

There are no great words - or great philosophy. It's just a simple and honest idea. And the philosophy (if you really need it) is pure and simple. Each man contributes only one brick ... but together we - build bridges.

Introducing our films, mission and songs to our Chinese fiends.

The famous Patisserie Slascice Mihalek sponsored us with their delicious cakes.

Friendly gathering by an open fire in the Guardians "basecamp" in Tacen near Ljubljana. Now it's our turn to come to China. We hardly wait.

Ajda Centa on the Youth in Action Forum in Beijing, China in 2013

Ajda Centa, the heart and soul of the Young Guardians team won the second place in the competition "Little Green Film Award" with her video LAST GASP and participated as a photographer on the Beijing Youth Forum & English Debate Academy. The event took place in the mystical Republic of China from 29 th August - 7th September and brought together young people from China, Thailand, Lithuania and Slovenia.

Young Guardians in China in 2012/2013

Pan Kladnik photographed and filmed the Shaolin orphanage and the Shaolin temple in Dengfeng in August & November 2012 and May 2013. We finished 3 books about the Shaolin temple which will support environmental and social projects in China. Watch our project for the Shaolin orphanage on Youtube in his interview with Flora Weil from France: Shaolin orphanage

Young Guardians as Slovene national winners of the 2012 European Charlemagne Youth Prize

Žiga Potrebuješ represented the Young Guardians project on the Award Ceremony (14-17 May 2012) in Aachen University organized by the European Parliament and the Foundation of the International Charlemagne prize of Aachen.

The Young Guardians epic journey through 9 countries in 2011 

On 22 April 2011 the group started with its first BALKAN mission. In only six months, from April to October 2011, we presented our fight for clean water in a total of 9 countries (Slovenia, Italy, Austria, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Albania, Macedonia and Serbia) ... and this is only the beginning.

Young Guardians of Universe (2010-2013)

The movement Young Guardians of Universe was established in April 2010 when Gašper Pinter, Pan and Žan Kladnik, together with Bogdan, attended the first presentation of the movement in Skopje (Macedonia), and recorded extensive water contamination in Serbia and Macedonia on the way.

In October 2010, Žan’s classmates from class 3b of the Gymnasium Bežigrad joined the three founders.

In December 2010 the Young Guardians made their first film, Plastic fantastic, in Slovenian and then in March 2011 also in Serbian language. Watch the film PLASTIC FANTASTIC (Serbian version) and have a laugh.

The groups’ various talents were also put into their beautiful song “WILL YOU JOIN US”, the anthem of our movement (Music and vocal: Ajda Centa, Lyrics: Bogdan Kladnik, Arranged by: Enos Kugler). This song is unique as it is sung in English, Slovenian and Serbian simultaneously.



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